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Stories of Eastern Montana's Early Settlers

As told to Mrs. Morris (Gladys) Kauffman (1922 - 1998)

In 1964, during Montana's territorial centennial celebration, Mrs. Kauffman noticed the dwindling numbers of the pioneers who had settled Eastern Montana. Someone really should record their stories!

Although she had 9 children, the youngest still a baby, she set out to interview as many settlers as possible. Over the next 10 years she recorded the stories of over 160 pioneers and published those stories in the local newspaper, the Ranger Review.

Now we have put those stories into a book (two volumes) and excerpts of some of them appear here on this website. The website will also be updated as work on the book progresses.

Also, be sure to check out the List of Interviews page! All the interviews conducted by Mrs. Kauffman are listed here, complete with their Volume and Page number in the book!

Eastern Montana Badlands

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